That’so Asia Corporation Ltd is directly operating with Quadra Group Srl., THAT’SO Italian Head office. It has been established in 2013 with a registered capital of 300 Million Baht made. The Bangkok based Corporate Division is the exclusive Asian Distributor of medical devices, equipment and cosmetics of That’so brand. The company is specialized in the production of skin care and body care solutions for both women and men, mixing creative Design under the full standards of safety, efficacy and easy treatment procedures in the operational performance.

That'so DNA
That’so is the combination of the Italian originality with the German expertise in engineering, constantly searching for innovation in technology in cosmetics and professional machines. That’so brand has patented the licenses of its beauty equipment like Vibro Plate Plus TM, Nano Spray Gun® , but also of the the cosmetic line for the Biolight® lotion, the Nano-Spheres delivery system, and the progressive SPF technology.
Innovative technology and excellent quality are always guaranteed with close collaborations with official institutes and universities to prove the efficacy, the high quality and uniqueness of its offer. Research laboratories: CHELAB and FARCODERM are accredited in Europe for providing certifications requested from the strict European FDA standards. Italian Medical Universities: The UNIVERSITY OF PAVIA and the UNIVERSITY OF FERRARA are researching and testing the medical professional machines for the aesthetic treatments.
That’so mixes Italian creative Design of the retail packaging and the equipment layout under the full standards of safety, efficacy and easy treatment procedure. The packaging will provide the best way to preserve quality of ingredients, while the unique shape and innovative mechanics guarantee that the proper fast functionality in the operational performance.
That’so has made a clear choice of adapting to environment sustainability with the use of natural ingredients. Our company is fully committed to develop innovative aesthetics concepts with a product offer that is “safe, non-invasive and with natural ingredients”: cosmetics and machines are conceived to preserve the natural beauty of the face and of the body for all generations, in men and women.
Customer service is key for us. We like to listen to our customers and provide an immediate answer. That’so is capable of adapting its offer to the International market and assists in the proper product follow up thanks to its training and maintenance service team always available.


  • To create a worldwide partnership business model
  • To be able to combine the purity of ingredients with latest technologies
  • To satisfy the needs of the whole beauty market
  • To ensure a product offer for all the markets in the world
  • All elements to create a UNIQUE beauty concept: THAT’SO


  • That'so is committed to develop new beauty concepts with innovations in technology to create products that are perfect and naturally safe.
  • To provide the beauty for the skin and all body on all population, for women and men and for all generations
  • To obtain effective visible results
  • To ensure safe and painless treatments with modern innovative techniques, developing equipment, machines and lotions to maximize the results.